The Hidden Agenda: How OEM Inefficiencies Cost Hospitals More

One important, but frequently disregarded, component in the complex web of healthcare operations is hospital bed maintenance. The seamless operation of hospital beds and other medical equipment is critical to providing high-quality patient care behind the scenes. But a deeper look uncovers a hidden issue: Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs’) inefficiency and the hidden expenses they impose […]

Can Proper Bed Management Reduce Patient Falls in Hospitals?

Ever wondered what keeps hospital patients safe beyond the watchful eyes of their doctors and nurses? Well, let’s talk about something as fundamental as the hospital bed itself. Yes, you heard it right. The humble hospital bed, often taken for granted, plays a pivotal role in ensuring patient safety, particularly in minimizing the risk of […]

[Quick Tips] Healthcare Cybersecurity – Protect Your Healthcare Organization

As a trusted provider of managed IT services for the healthcare industry, we offer cybersecurity tailored to protect your most critical assets. Our solutions safeguard patient records, financial data, medical devices, and other sensitive information from sophisticated cyberthreats. With in-depth experience securing healthcare systems, we take an extra-layered approach to strengthening defenses. This includes endpoint […]

[Quick Tips] CMMC Compliance: Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

If you are working with the U.S. government, you need to know about CMMC compliance. Protecting sensitive information and maintaining strong cybersecurity have become important to businesses and organizations of all sizes in a constantly developing digital world. The constant threats created by cybercriminals have driven the development of rigorous standards and frameworks to safeguard […]

[Quick Tips] What is Data Backup?

how to prevent data loss

The success of your business is also determined by ensuring your data is secure. Don’t risk losing important data. Data backup is an important practice for businesses to ensure the protection of valuable information. By regularly backing up data, you are creating an extra layer of protection against data loss caused by cyberthreats. Check out […]

[Quick Tips] Cyber Hygiene for Employees 

cybersecurity training

Provide your employees with the right cybersecurity training to keep your business secure from cybercriminals.   Phishing, malware, and other cyberthreats can access your business network with only one click from an uninformed employee.   Check out this short video and learn how to keep your business secure from all cyberthreats.      Our IT specialists provide Cybersecurity […]

[Quick Tips] How to Avoid a Romance Scam

data backup

Social media allows people to communicate online with others, but do you really know who you’re connected with. Let’s see what can happen when you interact and share too much information with people you meet online.   Check out this short video and learn how to stay safe on social media.  Emeritus can guide you through […]

[Quick Tips] Protect Your Business With the Right Cybersecurity

data backup

Many of us can experience days with information overload. As a business professional, there is so much to remember and keep track of throughout the day. Additionally, companies share sensitive information online with employees and clients, which is why cybersecurity should always be a top priority.  Check out this short video  and learn more about […]

[Quick Tips] Where to Begin With Cyber Hygiene for Your Business?


Are you trying to figure out what is the best way to start cyber hygiene for your business? How do you manage your cybersecurity?  In this short video, we offer some valuable tips for your business. Cybersecurity should be a top priority for every company that works online.  Achieve your business goals and cyber tasks with our […]

Your Complete Guide on Cyber Threat Detection and Response

cyber threat detection and response

The ever-expanding digital footprint of modern organizations comes with new and emerging security threats. Risk management leaders worldwide are working to address sophisticated ransomware, attacks on the digital supply chain, and deeply embedded vulnerabilities.   Most organizations, including small and mid-sized businesses, prioritize the confidentiality of their data and information. Additionally, they provide resources and technologies […]