Service Plans

From one-off repairs to full service preventive and corrective maintenance,


Hospital Bed Repair Service Levels

We offer flexible service plans customizable to your service needs. Our trained and certified service technicians follow all manufacture recommendations to ensure your medical equipment is maintained properly and available when your patients need it most




Full Service
(PM + CM)
Preventive Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance
Trained and qualified service technicians
Regulatory Documentation
OEM Parts
Clinician Training
Electrical Safety Testing
Labeling and Process Improvement
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
Scheduled Reporting
24/7 Technical Support

* Minimum assets under contract applies


More than just a bed...

Changes in the healthcare landscape are forcing many facilities to upgrade how they manage the repairs and maintenance of hospital beds and stretchers. Recent legislation has tied healthcare reimbursement to patient satisfaction, health outcomes, and the safety of the healthcare environment.  As a result, hospitals are finding out that hospital beds and stretchers can have a great impact, both positively and negatively on their financial health.

Hospital Beds Have Come a Long Way in the Past Few Decades

What was once mostly a mechanical machine, has become a truly sophisticated piece of medical equipment, providing comfort, safety, and increased functionality to hospital patients and caregivers. This increase in the sophistication, has presented challenges to those charged with maintaining this equipment in a timely and economical fashion.

When a hospital bed or stretcher fails, there exists an inconvenience on several levels. For one, if a patient is in a malfunctioning bed, the patient may have to be moved in order to assess the problem and complete the repair. Secondly, when a hospital bed fails it takes up costly hospital real estate. One less bed can mean increased ER wait times, delays in delivery of care, and stress on the system as a whole.  Even if a loaner bed is used to replace the defective bed temporarily, the defective bed must be stored or moved. If your facility has a bad week with multiple bed failures, this can present a real problem in a hurry.

Our Service Philosophy

The largest challenge with beds and stretchers is having them repaired in a timely manner. It comes as no surprise that on-site service charges and service contracts from an OEM are very expensive. Many healthcare delivery organizations are suffering from expensive contracts, limited coverage, incomplete repairs, and slow customer service.

A More Holistic Approach

  • Implementation of our maintenance solutions has the power to dramatically increase patient satisfaction ratings and decrease patient safety concerns throughout your facility.
  • The Emeritus “always on-site” maintenance approach provides hospitals with a true partner in the fight against equipment downtime and disgruntled nursing staff.
  • Emeritus’ customized solutions provide decision makers with the data needed to make educated conclusions concerning the maintenance needs of their well-managed hospital bed and stretcher fleet.
  • Our systematic approach to bed maintenance allows for predictive cost structures and budget smoothing.

Maintenance Programs for the
Most Popular Hospital Bed Manufacturers

At Emeritus, we service all makes and model of equipment with the fast response times using only OEM parts and accessories. Our dedicated technicians are trained and qualified to complete repairs and preventive maintenance on your most valuable assets.

  • TotalCare
  • VersaCare
  • Centrella
  • Affinity4
  • Progressa
  • Intouch
  • Secure/II
  • S3
  • UCXT
  • BARI 10A
  • Enterprise
  • Citadel
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hospital bed maintenance
hospital bed maintenance
hospital bed maintenance

Our Mission

Our team helps government and private hospitals maintain and optimize their assets to ensure the highest quality healthcare is delivered efficiently and safely.


One point of contact. One contract.

The power of ONE provides seamless support your entire fleet of beds and stretchers without the constant hassle of contract lapse, over/under coverage, and high costs. Our multi-modality expertise along with our ALWAYS ON SITE maintenance approach simplifies your maintenance program.

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