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Jump on a quick call with our IT security experts. We gather some basic information about your business and discuss what to expect from the assessment.



With your permission, we deploy a tool that will analyze your network for vulnerabilities, such as open ports, out of date software, and inactive users.



We will review the findings and make recommendations that will secure and protect your critical infrastructure and intellectual property.

Cybersecurity: Is Your Tax and Accounting Practice Secure?

CPA firms are being targeted more now than ever since most firms have introduced more vulnerabilities by moving to remote work without having adequate security infrastructure in place. This opens the doors for hackers to steal sensitive client tax data or hold a firm’s data, systems, and network hostage for weeks during busy season.

IRS Has New Cybersecurity Expectations for Accounting Firms and Tax Preparers

IRS issued a warning to tax preparers and accounting firms to ensure that they appropriately secure their customer data against the “evolving” and “sophisticated” techniques used by cybercriminals to access their systems.

Cybersecurity: Is Your Tax and Accounting Practice Secure?

We at Emeritus are thrilled to be putting new roots down here at Woodcreek Plaza. To introduce ourselves: Emeritus is an IT and Cybersecurity service provider that specializes in helping our customers keep their systems running and performing well.
We provide the following critical services to mitigate threats:

  • Email protection systems
  • Endpoint protection systems
  • Access management
  • Network management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Incident response
  • Medical device security
  • Cybersecurity policies
  • Employee training and awareness

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