IT Infrastructure Hardening

Harden your IT Systems, Network and Server against cyber threats

We are IT Systems Hardening Experts

Emeritus is expert at evaluating infrastructure, spotting weaknesses, and identifying gaps in security. We can then assist in making the changes necessary to harden the systems and provide employees with full protection against internal and external threats.

Our security services protect your business and critical business data from cybercriminals and bad actors.

Our cybersecurity services keep your organization compliant with cyber insurance liability coverage requirements and comply with fortune 500 partners’ security requirements.

We ensure your business is protected from internal and external threats via zero trust protection.

Our IT Infrastructure Security Solutions

People Infrastructure

  • We provide training in classroom and online formats.
  • Our clients practice security protocols, including phishing scenarios.
  • Depending on the nature of the threat, we will make phone calls to directly alert to security threats.

Firewall Security

  • Rules are monitored on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • We make sure firewall infrastructure and security rules are constantly updated.
  • Server monitoring services include a remote console that sets alerts and can adjust firewall rules.

WiFi Security

  • We make sure the entry point to WiFi connectivity is secure.
  • One focus is to make sure there is no cross-connection from one network to another.
  • We can also set up multiple virtual and parallel networks to section off user groups.

Threat Detection Strategies

An essential tool for detection strategies is using a threat detection log, which allows us to detect suspicious activity on your networks and systems. When these logs are well maintained and regularly reviewed, you’ll have access to a detailed assessment of your network’s security, allowing you to assess a threat before it becomes a full-blown attack. Other detection strategies include penetration testing, automated monitoring systems, and user behavior analytics.

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