Ransomware Remediation Services

Providing Compliant Recovery Strategies

Ransomware Remediation Services and Risk Mitigation Strategy

Ransomware is here to stay. The number of attacks has increased by 350% since 2018. The average ransom payment has grown by more than 100% in 2020 and downtime is up 200%. This means a higher frequency of attacks, larger, more high-value targets, and more costly ransom demands.

Hackers will often start a ransomware attack through email, tricking users into clicking a malicious link or opening a weaponized attachment that propagates malware into your information technology systems.

Ransomware Risks Mitigation Services

Ransomware Remediation Services

  • We’ll diagnose and remediate the Ransomware Incident within a few hours, in most cases keeping you in legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Recover data and files with virtualization capabilities that support phased recovery strategies.
  • Advise on ransom payment strategies and negotiate with the hacker and get your business back online.

Ransomware Prevention

  • Network architecture review: redesign and build your network to be more resilient to ransomware attacks.
  • Threat hunt operations:  we can evaluate your network for hidden threats including ransomware that has not yet executed.
  • Training and awareness programs:  training your staff to recognize social engineering/phishing attacks.

Ransomware Defense Strategy

  • Prevent breaches by creating rules to block common ransomware propagation techniques.
  • Detect breaches by receiving alerts to any attempts to gain access to segmented applications and backups.
  • Remediate breaches by initiating threat containment and quarantine measures when an attack is detected.

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