The Shocking Reality: Neglected Hospital Beds Lead to Patient Electrocution

Hospitals are places of healing, safety, and trust. Patients and their families rely on the competence of healthcare professionals and the reliability of medical equipment. In an ideal world, hospital beds should be a haven for recovery. However, this is the stark tale of what can happen when the trust is misplaced. The Setting: Neglect, […]

Unlocking the Gold Standard: Revolutionizing Hospital Bed Maintenance

When we look at the typical hospital setting, a consistent image comes to mind: dedicated professionals striving to deliver top-notch patient care. Amid this hustle and bustle, one crucial yet often overlooked element silently plays a starring role – the hospital bed. But let’s break down the situation; traditional hospital bed maintenance has long been […]

What is CMMC Certification?

With a meteoric rise of malicious cyberthreats over the past decade, the United States Government has taken proactive measures to protect its own internal information. This also includes any data shared with the tens of thousands of privately owned companies the government works with every day. This has led to the recent launch of the […]

The Importance of Hospital Bed Maintenance   

hospital beds

Hospital beds are a healthcare facility’s most essential medical equipment. Properly maintained hospital beds ensure the comfort and safety of your patients and employees.   Hospital beds are much more technology intensive than standard beds because they’re designed to provide security and support for those needing care. At the same time, hospital beds also simplify and […]

Protect and Secure Your Medical Devices from Online Threats

medical device CT Scanner

Every year, technology progresses making it simple for anyone to access information online.  Hackers have nailed down every tip and trick to get their hands on whatever they want, so you have to secure your information as best you can. Specifically, if you didn’t already know, your medical devices are at risk as well.  Let’s […]