Unlocking the Gold Standard: Revolutionizing Hospital Bed Maintenance


When we look at the typical hospital setting, a consistent image comes to mind: dedicated professionals striving to deliver top-notch patient care. Amid this hustle and bustle, one crucial yet often overlooked element silently plays a starring role – the hospital bed.

But let’s break down the situation; traditional hospital bed maintenance has long been regarded as a cumbersome, costly, and at times, a chaotic endeavor. Beds accumulate in storage areas, creating logistical challenges and triggering safety concerns. The Joint Commission periodically issues stern reminders, further complicating matters. The excessive stockpiling of beds to circumvent these issues translates into unnecessary expenditures.

At Emeritus, we found this situation unacceptable. We envisioned a hospital environment where the hospital bed – the very cornerstone of patient comfort and safety – is maintained efficiently, cost-effectively, and without compromise. We aimed to offer a solution that was the best way, the gold standard in hospital bed maintenance. Today, we’re excited to share this revolutionary approach with you.

Here’s the scoop: our novel model simplifies the complex world of hospital bed maintenance. We’ve distilled the best practices into a streamlined approach that drastically reduces costs while improving patient care.

Always-Onsite: Our Signature Model At the heart of our approach lies the ‘Always-Onsite’ model, a game-changer in the world of hospital bed maintenance. Imagine having a qualified technician onsite 40 hours a week, handling everything from repairs and maintenance to part inventory management and logistics. This isn’t just convenience; it’s efficiency redefined.

Expert Technicians- Your Trusted Partners: The foundation of our approach is our team of dedicated, skilled technicians. We bridge the gap between outsourced service and in-house reliability. From regularly scheduled visits to full-time onsite solutions, you won’t be left wondering when your technician will show up to perform vital services.

Customized Predictive Maintenance: Our proactive stance is what makes the difference. By keenly observing repair trends, we predict maintenance requirements and maintain a ready-to use parts inventory, reducing average response to near zero.

Unparalleled Cost Efficiency

We’re not just about maintaining hospital beds; we’re here to optimize the use of your valuable resources. Our technicians are trained to handle all makes and models of beds, streamlining the process and eliminating administrative costs.

The true power of our ‘Always-Onsite’ approach lies in the relationships forged between our team and yours. Our technicians and service managers work hand-in-hand with your internal departments to provide the right level of support, offering continuous improvement and on-the-job training to the clinical staff.

Our unwavering mission is to make sure beds are available for your patients when they need them most. We don’t let bed maintenance interfere with your ability to provide care. This means not only cost savings but also greater safety and efficiency in patient care.

At Emeritus, flexibility is key. Come to us with any technology need, and we’ll strive to accomplish it. Since our technicians are already on site, they are a practical resource for those expected or unexpected medical equipment service needs. We service most makes and models of equipment with fast response times using only OEM parts and accessories. Our dedicated technicians are trained and qualified to complete repairs and preventive maintenance on your most valuable assets.

It’s not just about hospital bed maintenance; it’s about ensuring the highest quality healthcare is delivered efficiently and safely. Our ‘Power of One’ service simplification strategy aims to:

  • Eliminate gaps and overlapping coverage with a single contract.
  • Simplify communication regarding repair needs with a single point of contact.
  • Drastically reduce costs by leveraging quantities of scale and preventing costly calls to the OEM.
  • Prioritize maintenance needs for all your assets through your dedicated service technicians.
  • Leverage best practices through consistent service, communication, documentation, and user training.

At Emeritus, we’re here to transform your hospital bed maintenance into the best way, the gold standard in service. Our mission is to ensure that beds are always available for your patients, providing the highest quality healthcare efficiently and safely.

Join us in this groundbreaking approach to hospital bed maintenance and experience the gold standard of care.

The Emeritus Approach: Where Gold Standard Meets Best Way.