Emeritus: A Bedside Hero’s Tale – How We Saved a Hospital from the Brink

Recovery Room with bed and comfortable medical equipped in a hospital

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, a sprawling, once-thriving hospital found itself on the precipice of financial ruin. The expenses incurred were staggering, and the strain was palpable. Understaffed and overworked, this institution was in dire need of a lifeline.

The Challenge: A Labyrinth of Financial Woes

Enter the unassuming yet brilliant specialist in profit and loss evaluation. Charged with the mission of salvaging the hospital’s finances, they embarked on a quest to pinpoint those elusive cost-cutting opportunities hidden within the labyrinth of the hospital’s balance sheet.

Bed Woes: A Financial Drain in Disguise

Among the numerous challenges, one glaring issue stood out – a surplus of broken and malfunctioning hospital beds. These once-trusted pieces of medical equipment were now a double-edged sword, not only posing safety hazards but also draining the hospital’s financial resources. The hospital had been over-renting beds and getting hammered with costly service calls for years, unknowingly squandering nearly one million dollars on overhead expenses over the last few years.

The Desperate Call for Help

Intrigued by this revelation, the specialist reached out to a seasoned healthcare consultant, desperately seeking a solution to this mammoth problem. It was here that fate intervened, leading them to the re-imagined hospital bed services of Emeritus.

Emeritus: Shaping a New Normal in Healthcare

Emeritus, the unsung hero of the healthcare industry, boasts an innovative ‘Always Onsite’ model that is reshaping the way hospitals manage their equipment. At the core of this model is the presence of a dedicated technician on-site for 40 hours a week, ensuring a near-zero response time when maintenance issues arise.

A Transformative Partnership: Emeritus Steps In

The results are astounding: hospitals save up to 30% on their maintenance programs by ending the cycle of over-renting beds and expensive service calls. The hospital no longer needs to deal with the headache of tracking down the OEM representative and waiting for their tardy arrival. Emeritus provides the luxury of having outsourced expertise that feels like an in-house team member.

Prolonging Equipment Lifespan: Preventive Maintenance Checks

Regular preventive maintenance checks enhance the longevity of critical yet expensive equipment. With the Emeritus One-Point-of-Contact, One-Contract setup, the hospital no longer needs to chase down different providers for their various makes and models of beds. Emeritus is there by their side, a reliable partner in every sense.

The Remarkable Turnaround: A Financial Windfall

The large hospital, intrigued by the promise of these transformative benefits, invited Emeritus to conduct a comprehensive bed inventory check and audit. The outcome was eye opening. Not only was the hospital over paying for their maintenance, it wasn’t being completed to the hospitals or Joint Commissions requirements. The hospital, now an Emeritus partner, has since saved over a quarter of a million dollars. Beyond the financial relief, the pressure on procurement, facilities/materials management, and HTM/clinical engineers has been alleviated.

Emeritus: The Bedside Heroes of Healthcare

Emeritus, the unsung heroes of the hospital bed maintenance world, continue to make a profound impact on hospitals nationwide. In a time of need, they not only deliver financial salvation but breathe new life into the heartbeat of healthcare institutions. The tale of how Emeritus helped to rescue this hospital from the brink serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the healthcare industry.