Hospital Bed Repair and Maintenance Program – What You Need to Know

hospital bed repair

Hospital beds are instrumental to the daily functioning of your medical facility. For every hospital bed that is down due to repairs, that is one less patient that your facility can treat.  

Hospital beds are much more than just a surface where patients can comfortably rest. Today’s modern hospital beds are outfitted with a suite of technological tools that can provide continuous patient monitoring and alert staff of a potential emergency.  The patient’s health can suffer serious consequences if these essential components malfunction, and hospital bed repairs are overlooked.  

Medical facilities of all sizes are stretched thin when it comes to monitoring necessary medical equipment repairs across the board. However, a proactive approach and proper medical equipment maintenance strategy in place means better efficiency, cost savings, and healthier patients when it comes to hospital bed repairs 

That is why it is important to maintain this essential piece of equipment in your hospital or medical facility.  Let’s discover the following guidelines about effective hospital bed repair service and what you can do to create a repair and maintenance plan that will keep your facility operating at full speed. 

What are Some Signs that a Hospital Bed Needs to be Repaired? 

Hospital beds consist of multiple moving parts, and it may not always be obvious that repair service or maintenance is required. However, ignoring the subtle signs can have detrimental effects. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), between 1985 and 2013, the FDA received 901 incidents of patients caught, trapped, entangled, or strangled in hospital beds.  This was a significant reason to create new guidelines to help medical facilities monitor this valuable equipment.   

Now a decade later, these guidelines have expanded beyond the physical parts of a hospital bed’s structure to include the technological components. As such, when examining hospital beds to see if repairs are required, keep an eye out for the following issues: 

  • malfunctioning or failing electrical components such as power cables and plugs 
  • faulty control panels at the sides, foot, and patient pendant 
  • problems with alarms and sensors 
  • brakes, castors, or other parts not working  
  • problems with the bed frames and associated parts, including the side rails and emergency release mechanisms 

All the above are common problems when it comes to hospital beds, and while some issues may be easy to fix – such as damaged bedrails or wheels – others, like the programming functions, will likely require a trained hospital bed repair technician that can address more advanced issues. 

If you do not have the in-house personnel to conduct regular testing and monitoring of your hospital beds, or have the expertise in all facets of hospital bed maintenance, your best bet is to partner with an experienced hospital bed repair service provider.  

What Are the Benefits of Hospital Bed Repair Services for Healthcare Facilities? 

There are a number of far-reaching benefits for enlisting a hospital bed repair provider – and outsourcing your hospital bed maintenance and repair needs – which include the following:  

Cost Savings 

  •  An experienced partner will help reduce administrative costs by conducting timely repairs and identifying potential issues before a minor repair becomes more extensive or a total hospital bed replacement is required. 

Better Productivity and Efficiency 

  •  When hospital beds are out of commission, it can affect your entire medical facility’s ability to operate smoothly. From taking up too much storage space to delaying patient care, malfunctioning hospital beds can affect every aspect of your hospital’s daily functions. 

Better Patient Care and Reduced Risks 

  •  As noted above, malfunctioning hospital beds can cause entrapments and physical injuries but can also cause other issues. If the sensors and alerts are not working properly, your staff may not be notified of patient health changes.  This is a critical issue especially when it’s an emergency. 

Long-term Reliability 

  •  By enlisting a hospital bed repair technician or service provider, you will ensure the long-term and continual use of your hospital beds. With on-demand and on-site service whenever needed, your medical facility can continue to provide exceptional care without interruption. 

How Can Emeritus Help with Your Hospital Bed Repair and Stretcher Maintenance? 

When selecting a hospital bed repair provider, you can certainly start with a “hospital bed repair service near me” search and whittle your results from there. However, in the interest of saving time and resources, your first point of contact should be with the experienced team at Emeritus. 

Based in Texas, we provide hospital bed repair services for healthcare facilities throughout the region and nation.  We offer a long list of services and time-saving benefits to our medical facility partners, which starts with the following: 

Always On-site Service 

  •  Thanks to our full-time and on-site service solutions, we provide outsourced hospital bed repair and stretcher maintenance with a personal and internal feel.  

Technical Expertise in all Aspects of Hospital Bed Repair 

  •  We closely examine modern and ongoing repair trends to predict maintenance needs.  We can address all moving parts of a hospital bed, including maintaining a customized parts inventory to reduce downtime drastically.  

Knowledge of all Makes and Models of Medical Equipment 

  •  At Emeritus, our dedicated technicians are trained and qualified to complete repairs and preventive maintenance on all major makes and models of hospital beds and parts. Our un-biased service technicians are a great resource when it comes time for the hospital to purchase new hospital beds. Our team will be ready to support their services no matter which make and model the hospital chooses.  

Establish a Personal and Dedicated Relationship 

  •  When you partner with Emeritus, we become a part of your team.  Our technicians and service managers work one-on-one with your administration and various departments to ensure your unique support needs are continually met. With a single contract and a single point of contact, you can save time and resources. Also, you can start focusing on providing the best care possible to your patients.  

Firm-Fixed Pricing 

  • Dramatically reduce administrative burden and unexpected costs with our firm-fixed fee maintenance pricing.  

Partner with our Dedicated Team at Emeritus for All Your Hospital Bed Repair and Maintenance Needs  

Learn more about our hospital bed repair services and stretcher maintenance which we cover across the USA.

With our experts at your side, your administrators, doctors, nurses, and all of your medical personnel can continue to provide the best care possible while knowing that the backbone of your facility – your hospital bed inventory – is in good hands.  

Start improving your hospital bed repairs and maintenance program.  Contact us today.