Top Benefits of Network Performance Monitoring Solutions 


Businesses rely on a strong network as the foundation of their ability to conduct day-to-day operations. A secure network ensures that a company’s operating system is optimized and runs smoothly, which is more important than ever in our modern world.  Many life-changing global events led to a wave of new technologies and new ways that people conduct business. This includes virtual meetings with clients to employees working remotely from a home office or on the go. 

This shift in how various industries conduct operations has led to an increase across the board in the number of devices connected to a company’s network. In 2021 alone, more than 35 billion devices were reported to be connected to the internet. That means that the strength and stability of a company’s network is more important than ever. 

Protecting All Network Connections

With the increase of users connected to a network (and the convenience and benefits that this scenario provides) comes an inherent increase in risk.  

Having your internal team and your clients or customers connected to increase your productivity and enhance your level of service is wonderful. However, the efficiency of your operations depends on your network backbone.  

Simply put, if there is an issue with the security or reliability of your network, your entire business can come to a halt. As such, your smartest move when it comes to maintaining all of your businesses’ connected operations are to enlist top-notch network performance monitoring solutions. 

What is Network Performance Monitoring? 

Network performance monitoring is reviewing, monitoring, optimizing, troubleshooting, and reporting on all aspects of your network and the devices connected to it to determine its overall health. Network monitoring tools allow administrators and analysts to gather a wealth of data, which paints a clear picture of performance and identifies potential issues. 

What Are the Benefits of Network Performance Monitoring? 

There are many ways that network performance monitoring can enhance the way your company does business, from everyday tasks to emergency response. Here is a sample of how implementing network monitoring solutions can strengthen your company from the ground up. 

Maintaining IT Compliance

Certain industries, such as healthcare, need to adhere to specific regulations and guidelines to conduct business. Network monitoring is essential in these types of businesses as part of a company’s required  IT compliance with certain standards. 

Preventing Downtime

Your company depends on your employees’ ability to do their jobs quickly and effectively. Therefore, any unexpected downtime can bring productivity to a crawl. In fact, a recent survey found that 40% of interviewed companies stated that an hour of downtime would cost between $1 million and $5 million, depending on the size or scale of their business. 

Network monitoring plays a key role in reducing or eliminating these unexpected outages, as routine monitoring can help identify problems and prevent downtime or outages from occurring in the first place. 

Identifying Cybersecurity Threats

While monitoring overall performance is the primary goal of network monitoring, the complete and thorough oversight of your network means it’s easy to identify any cybersecurity threats quickly. Remember that your network comprises of multiple devices, from personal cell phones to software. Therefore, any malware or viruses that may be initially undetectable can be addressed before they become a larger problem than spiderwebs throughout your company.  

Fixing Issues Quickly and Efficiently

With so many devices connected to your network, it can be difficult to fix any issues quickly and efficiently as they arise.  With network monitoring, it’s much simpler to comb through all of your connections and map out where a problem has originated. In addition, a number of these issues can be fixed automatically. This can help free up your IT team and the rest of your staff from dealing with an unexpected and potentially lengthy issue.  

Optimizing Your Bandwidth

Your consumers, clients, and internal personnel rely on fast connections in order to conduct business.  Therefore, network performance monitoring solutions can help identify when your network has started to slow down and what can help enlist quality of service (QoS) protocols or other actions to improve your overall network performance. 

Implementing New Technologies

New tools are being introduced every day to enhance performance across all industries, such as the medical industry.  However, it’s essential to ensure that these tools align with your network without issues, such as new cybersecurity risks or slower performance. Network performance monitoring can help analyze any impact of these new technologies. Moreover, they can confirm that a network can handle additional resources and detect potential performance issues before they arise. 

Enhancing Revenue

Considering that downtime is one of the biggest revenue killers for any company, network performance monitoring solutions is a smart investment. Saving just one hour of downtime a year can result in huge and hidden savings that may not be immediately obvious but which will have a resonating impact on your bottom line. 

Emeritus is Your Partner for Network Performance Monitoring Solutions 

Network monitoring is a full-time endeavor, and you may not have the budget or internal resources to conduct 24/7 monitoring on your own. This is why an experienced and thorough partner is essential when it comes to network performance monitoring and why Emeritus can help ensure your business is running as smoothly as possible. From device management services to overall health monitoring, Emeritus has the expertise to review and analyze all cybersecurity aspects of your network, from desktops and cell phones to your servers and equipment.  

Remember that when identifying and utilizing networking performance monitoring solutions, you don’t have to do it alone.  At Emeritus, we are highly trained and specialize in modern technology to offer you the best managed IT services in Dallas.  

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