A Complete Guide to Outsourced IT Services   

outsourced IT services

All companies, regardless of size, rely on IT systems to conduct day-to-day business operations. In every industry, reliable IT infrastructure services are imperative.  In our current era, a company’s network, computers, and online connections are veritably the backbone of the business.  

Unfortunately, not every company has the resources required to enlist a solid internal IT team that can tackle all the aspects of technical support for your company.  Therefore, when it comes to IT systems, not having an expert IT department in place can be detrimental to your business goals.   

What Are Outsourced IT Services?
Who Needs IT Outsourcing Companies?
What Outsourcing Services Are Included When You Enlist an IT Service Provider?
Technical Expertise When You Need It
The Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing Companies
Emeritus is Your Professional and Individualized Outsourced IT Services Provider

The Importance of Outsourced IT Services  

An outsourced IT service provider may be the best fit for your business model when it comes to IT systems.  

Outsourcing services in the IT industry are common, as they can handle the heavy lifting of specialized and IT support-related details. Software testing, software updates, guarding against cyberattacks, resolving critical issues quickly, and all internet technology-related business needs can be addressed by an IT service provider. Having an exceptional IT partner can also help save your business money. 

Unfortunately, many companies (especially small businesses) don’t enlist outsourcing services simply because the broader details of IT operations don’t initially seem like a major concern to everyday operations. In a recent survey of more than 2,000 small business owners, only 5% said cybersecurity was one of the biggest risks to their business. 

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Conversely, cyberattacks on small businesses have been on a meteoric rise. Hackers are eyeing smaller businesses for easier access and cyberattacks as larger companies invest in cybersecurity tools and more robust in-house IT departments.  

In 2021, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 847,376 complaints from the American public regarding cyberattacks and malicious cyber activity, signifying a 7% year-over-year increase. In total, potential losses from those attacks exceeded $6.9 billion, a 64% increase compared to the previous year. 

IT outsourcing companies can enhance your security, monitor and update your hardware and systems, conduct various operations to reduce risk and provide a cost-effective way to conduct business. 

So, if you’re new to IT outsourcing services and their inherent value proposition to a company, consider the many benefits and services that an IT managed service provider can offer your business processes. 

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What Are Outsourced IT Services? 

Outsourced IT services entail enlisting an external company to handle all a company’s IT needs. This third-party provider can cover a wide range of tailored services, from ensuring the security of networks to implementing operating systems or performing software updates. 

Outsourced IT services aren’t just about having a third-party provider for technical issues as they arise. As a result, outsourcing companies can be the behind-the-scenes backbone of your core business.  

While IT service providers certainly have a help desk on hand for necessary repairs or to answer questions, their main goal is to ensure the continual support of your IT infrastructure and data. 

An outsourced IT service provider can implement a wide array of solutions for information technology issues in any business. From managing users’ access, protecting data, and conducting software updates that ensure your company runs as efficiently as possible. Also, IT service providers focus on the core competencies required to keep your business running without interruption. 

Who Needs IT Outsourcing Companies? 

Any small business (or larger company) that does not have a dedicated in-house IT team should consider outsourcing IT services. Basically, this means that most organizations can benefit from the skill set and value proposition of a highly trained IT outsourcing services provider. 

 Even if your small business has just a handful of in-house employees, a few key red flags signal that an outside company should be enlisted to manage IT services. 

The following are some of the signals that you should contact an external IT outsourcing provider ASAP:  

  •  Your data is only backed up on a single computer, mobile device, or other single location. 
  • You do not have a support point person for the hardware and software that you use every day. 
  • You do not conduct regular updates on your software, mobile applications, and other business tools. 
  • You do not have the resources to continually troubleshoot issues or perform regular updates to the technology-based tools that your organization uses. 
  • You rely on multiple kinds of software, mobile apps, computers, and other internet-connected infrastructure to conduct business and serve your customers.  
  • You want to know more about software, mobile apps, and other systems or resources that can benefit your company, reduce labor costs, and/or result in a more productive business transformation. 
  • You do not have a 24/7 monitoring system to focus on potential cyberattacks. 
  • If a cyberattack shuts down your entire infrastructure, it will result in devastating costs, loss of customers or business, and detrimental to your organization.  

Remember that the above list is just a sample of the signs that your company needs to outsource IT services as soon as possible. Therefore, if you don’t have an in-house system to manage your IT infrastructure, it’s time to start a conversation with an experienced IT outsourcing company to see how this partnership will benefit your business.  

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What Outsourcing Services Are Included When You Enlist an IT Service Provider? 

Most outsourcing companies provide their services on a monthly fee basis. Therefore, this specific amount and the types of services included can be specific to your needs and your organization’s benefits.  

With that in mind, there are nevertheless a few core functions that an IT outsourcing services company provides, which include the following factors.  

Security for Your Infrastructure 

 Any business can be extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks and cybercrimes without regular in-house maintenance.  Anything from phishing schemes to ransomware attacks can destroy entire systems and networks. When it comes to cybersecurity, outsourcing services providers offer a wide range of solutions, which can include the following: 

  • Data Protection 

    •  You likely have years of emails, records, receipts, and other essential company data stored at your organization. Using secure resources like cloud computing, an outsourcing services provider can ensure all your data is safe and accessible, even if a security issue affects all your operations. 
  • Software Updates 

    •  When a security issue is detected, software companies conduct fixes and security-related updates and release a new version of their software product to protect against these threats. As such, it’s essential that every software that your business uses in day-to-day operations is running at its newest version.
      Often, companies don’t have the in-house resources to monitor for new updates for every software, mobile app, or other technology-based tools essential to business. An IT outsourcing services provider keeps track of all these updates to the software you use daily and conducts updates to ensure smooth and continuous business operations. 
  • Access Management 

    •  One of the most common ways that bad actors gain access to a company’s system is through a single weak link. The infamous Twitter hack of 2020, which targeted high profile accounts and resulted in international headlines, all began because a 17-year-old hacker could gain access through a “small number of employees” who had access to the broader Twitter systems.
      Not all of your in-house employees require access to every software or technological tool used in your operations. An IT outsourcing services provider can monitor which employees, customers, and partners should have access to your systems and restrict this access as needed. 
  • Support and Training 

    •  In addition to enlisting new security measures for your operations, many IT outsourcing services can also provide initial training to your personnel on best practices. This helps to reduce risks across the board regarding cybersecurity. Important steps can go a long way in securing your data and preventing easy access for potential cybercriminals. For example, using different passwords for software or mobile applications. Also, it is important to understand how to identify a phishing scheme 
  • Support When You Need It the Most 

    •  In the worst case scenario, an IT outsourcing services provider can be your best partner to weather the storm. Let’s say that a cyber attacker does gain access to your systems and shuts down operations. With an IT service provider, you can rest assured that your data is protected and backed up, your infrastructure is repaired and fixed quickly, and you can get back on track to the business as soon as possible. 

Technical expertise When You Need It 

An IT outsourcing services provider can manage the regular questions or technology related concerns in your organization. This includes anything from cloud computing to technical support 

An IT service provider typically has a help desk with experts to provide varying software support, help with new computer or mobile app installations, and find solutions to common issues. An IT service provider can address common queries like slow internet connections, cloud computing, or issues with personnel access so your management team can focus on the bigger picture. 

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Business Goals and Expansion Management 

If you want to grow your business and attract new customers, employees, resources, and partners, then an IT service provider can pave the way regarding your internet infrastructure.  

An IT outsourcing provider can be your guide.

An IT outsourcing services provider can provide the following services:  

  • new technical advancements  
  • new mobile applications to increase convenience  
  • optimized value propositions to your clients  
  • updated software to improve operational efficiency  

 When your business grows and expands, it requires a delicate hand and broad management to ensure that your systems, network, and security can keep up with the changes. An IT outsourcing services provider oversees the management of this expansion.  They can also recommend solutions to grow pain issues or increase productivity while maintaining a high level of service to your customers.  

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Other Solutions for Common Infrastructure Challenges 

Does your company have issues or questions about IT support, protecting data, or better management of your systems and infrastructure? The good news is that an IT outsourcing services provider can help. Outsourcing IT experts can tackle immediate security issues to reduce costs through a streamlined approach to IT management. Therefore, your service provider will focus on your company’s challenges and find individualized solutions. 

The Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing Companies 

When it comes to IT outsourcing, there is a range of benefits outside companies can provide versus having an in-house team, as well as a couple of drawbacks. 

Here is a quick list of the pros and cons of using outsourced IT resources instead of enlisting an in-house team or creating an in-house IT department.  


  • Expertise: Outsourcing companies have core competencies in all aspects of IT support, ensuring that all your systems are covered. 
  • Costs: Outsourcing your IT support needs are typically more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team.  
  • Time: With an IT support team, you can focus on business and avoid time-consuming downtime and technical issues. 
  • Reliability and security: Outsourced IT support means your company’s infrastructure, data, and systems are well protected from the inside out. 


  • Potential delays in support: One of the best ways to mitigate any delays is to pay attention to time zones. Overseas IT support providers may not be able to respond in a timely manner and/or work around your business’ work schedule. 
  • Misaligned objectives: Like support delays, this issue can also be mitigated, provided that you choose the right partner to manage your IT support services. You want an outsourced IT services provider who will listen and start your partnership with a conversation instead of one who sells your services out of the box. 

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Emeritus is Your Professional and Individualized Outsourced IT Services Provider

Our IT management services include day-to-day user support and round-the-clock monitoring of your computers, network, and systems to help prevent problems before they happen. We are available 24/7 to help monitor, troubleshoot, support, and evolve your business IT infrastructure. Our IT outsourcing services include everything from protecting your data to introducing new solutions to help your business grow. 

Our company has years of experience and a focus on our clients’ individualized needs.  

We’re the all-encompassing solution that allows small businesses to have the managed IT services of a top Fortune 500 company.  Emeritus is uniquely positioned to support the growing technological challenges in today’s business environment. This is especially true in highly regulated industries like hospitals and medical facility settings. Moreover, we’ll listen to your unique challenges to find the best solutions. 

Ready to learn more? It starts with an initial conversation.  

We’re standing by to provide a free consultation. We can help you determine the best ways to bring our decades of experience to benefit your business.  

 Let’s work together to identify your IT needs and find a productive, successful, and cost-effective way forward, so you can concentrate on business.

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