Hospital Bed Service Company

Emeritus offers fast and reliable medical equipment repair solutions for government, public, and private hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Hospital Bed Repair & Maintenance

We are a Veteran-Owned and Operated Medical Equipment Repair Provider who Specializes in Hospital Bed & Stretcher Repair and Maintenance. Our team helps hospitals keep their medical equipment in good working order. As a result, our services improve patient satisfaction and increases safety.

Hospital bed repair should always center around industry best practices. Through partnership with our customers we work together to identify challenges and develop solutions that address the root cause of issues.  Also, we provide procurement and decommissioning planning, user training, and continuous improvement through workflow and process optimization.

These services along with our meticulously kept and computerized maintenance records, ensures manufacture’s recommendations are dutifully followed. Additionally, digitized records allows Emeritus to provide customized reporting 24/7 that meets our customers unique requirements. Above all, our belief is that only through a combination of these activities can medical equipment be properly managed.

In summary, our specialty is ensuring your hospital beds are available when your patients need them. Ask us how the largest hospitals in the nation benefit from our ALWAYS ON-SITE service solutions.

How Can We Help You?

At Emeritus we understand the importance of well maintained hospital beds to your patient’s comfort and safety. We go above and beyond to provide expert hospital bed repair service for government and private hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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