Emeritus: A Bedside Hero’s Tale – How We Saved a Hospital from the Brink

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, a sprawling, once-thriving hospital found itself on the precipice of financial ruin. The expenses incurred were staggering, and the strain was palpable. Understaffed and overworked, this institution was in dire need of a lifeline. The Challenge: A Labyrinth of Financial Woes Enter the unassuming yet brilliant specialist in profit and loss […]

Ransomware – Effective Solutions to Protect Your Company

While cyberattacks of all varieties have been on a meteoric rise in the past several years, ransomware attacks stand out as some of the most prevalent and costliest types of attacks across all industries and sectors.  According to a 2021 report by the Harvard Business Review, with the mass migration to remote work during the […]

What is CMMC Certification?

With a meteoric rise of malicious cyberthreats over the past decade, the United States Government has taken proactive measures to protect its own internal information. This also includes any data shared with the tens of thousands of privately owned companies the government works with every day. This has led to the recent launch of the […]

What is a C3PAO? Understanding the Importance of CMMC Compliance 

Understanding CMMC certification and the broader realm of CMMC cybersecurity can be a difficult venture. Certainly, local businesses can start their research with a general search for “managed cybersecurity services near me” or “managed IT services Dallas.” However, before launching a new cybersecurity venture, it’s helpful to understand what’s at stake when it comes to […]

[Quick Tips] What is Data Backup?

how to prevent data loss

The success of your business is also determined by ensuring your data is secure. Don’t risk losing important data. Data backup is an important practice for businesses to ensure the protection of valuable information. By regularly backing up data, you are creating an extra layer of protection against data loss caused by cyberthreats. Check out […]